I find that worries and intrusive thoughts have a lot of power of us, and it is this which causes distress. We feel like we are trapped by them, we have no control over them. I often feel this way, and part of my journey to being better at dealing with mental health problems is learn how to disempower them.

One of ways I do this is by talking to someone, usually my therapist. By sharing the worry it can help to get it out and look at it objectively and rationally. Having someone else just to look at it with you can make the process easier.

I have a lot of stuff I don’t want to share with people because I think it makes me sound ‘crazy’. I did not want to talk about my intrusive thoughts because they had so much power over me, I didn’t want anyone to know that it was happening. I am slowly trying to teach myself that my anxiety makes the problem seems bigger and scarier than it is. A thought is just a thought, a worry is just a worry, but with anxiety they seem like big terrifying monsters.

I’m having a rough patch and I’ve realised I still have some stuff I need to disempower. But that’s okay, totally retraining my brain is going to take time. and I am learning and growing, its just sometimes we need a helping hand to do so.


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