Today I woke up and felt something shift. I carried on like normal, until I sat down to meditate and my mind started to wander back to anxiety. So today has been difficult, but I feel as if I can do this. I think I am managing my anxiety better, reminding myself to stay calm, watch the thoughts and breath instead of getting caught up in it.

And what triggered this?


I have two exams over the next 3 weeks, and I was handling with the stress fine. But then yesterday I got a little worried and today it blew up into a more noticeable and present worry, that turned into the classic symptoms of my anxiety – intrusive thoughts, feeling hot, doubting my capabilities etc.

I think exams are stressful for everyone and not necessarily the best way to examine students – people don’t always cope well with exams because of the time constrain for the pressure they feel. I think people should get more coursework to test their abilities – you will never have to work under exam conditions in the professional world. Engineers will always have access to a computer to work out complex mathematics. Teachers can plan lessons and use powerpoints to remind them about their class.

Exams cause stress, and while I know that I am capable at managing my stress, allowing it space to exist and treating myself with kindness, I don’t think it’s fair to put people through a situation which may not be a good test of their abilities.

Good luck to anyway with exams, remember to take time to relax and have a deep breath if you find yourself getting caught up.


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