Do you get it where you can spend an entire day not thinking about your anxiety? How sometimes your worries force you to do nothing but stay in bed and try to distract yourself?

And then, you suddenly remind yourself, oh yeah I need to remind myself that I should be worrying, that not everything is perfect.

I find myself constantly trying to make my worried part strong, trying to get involved in those worried again, despite having gone over them again and again.

I’ve tried to reason with my worries. I’ve tried to rationalise them. and sometimes that helps! I can think okay I know that’s just a worry and just a feeling and that’s all it is, it holds no power over me.

But sometimes I can get too caught up. I can’t rationalise because the worried side is going “but what if!! but how about it!! no this is wrong i need to panic!!” and I get tripped up by my thoughts.

I’m trying a new thing. I’m allowing myself to not have to respond. I don’t have to respond to every thought and feeling, I have permission to just let it pass. I don’t have to give it the time of day, because I’ve gone over it so many times in my head it doesn’t need any more attention.

Sometimes its okay not to respond. You don’t have to reason and rationalise with a thought again and again, you can just think oh okay that’s that worry again, i’m just gonna let it pass.


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