I think anxiety, and most other mental health problems, can be quite a lonely place. I often feel very different to my friends, which makes me sad, because I worry that I am not enjoying my life as much as them and I get frustrated I can’t do the same things as them.

We need to have more spaces where people can speak about mental health problems without judgement or stigma. Then I think we would all feel a little less alone. I’d love to attend some sort of support group, where we could laugh about our mental health issues and be open and honest with other people who understand.

We are all different to one another, mental health problem or not! And that’s okay. It’s not my fault I can’t do the same things as others, it’s just something I have to accept. But also I can do most things others can, I do enjoy life and have similar experiences.

I hope any one else out there with anxiety knows that they aren’t alone, I am here and I have anxiety. I struggle but ultimately I cope with my anxiety, and that doesn’t make me any lesser than someone else.


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