Dating with anxiety is hard.

I know dating is hard anyway, but the added stress and worry that comes with anxiety disorders make it a whole other deal! I don’t suffer with social anxiety so its not the meeting of people – I actually quite enjoy first dates!

But its when it gets past the first date that I start to have problems. Liking someone is very scary. I feel so much pressure to not annoy them or bother them too much that I overthink every message I send them, even if its just a silly one. And I constantly think the worst, if they have seen my message and don’t reply I immediately think OH GOD THEY HATE ME. And its made worse by being very self critical, thinking that I’m not good enough or that I shouldn’t date because it causes too much stress.

I am very new to dating and that’s another reason its so hard, I have nothing to compare it to! I also don’t know how much to tell them, I do always say I have anxiety but should I tell them that it causes me to constantly doubt their feelings towards them?

But I’m trying my best not to freak out and just stop everything in its tracks because it causes me anxiety. Because it also makes me feel happy and I enjoy dating, I like their company and I like finding a new friend.

I know that I can’t read someones mind, I know that its best just to be honest and that it’s okay to not be able to totally control a situation. Doubting myself is not going to help it, and I trust that I have enough people skills to not be really annoying! I think its just about accepting that this will be an emotional experience, but that isn’t a bad thing.

I need to try to be more supportive of myself, and ensure that I am putting myself first. I will try to just let things go and hope that the other person would be honest to me about their feelings.


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