Anxiety levels are up at the moment but I find I am responding in a better way. I’m definitely making a conscious effort to reassure myself and reminding myself to be mindful about these thoughts.

I know what triggered this episode which is good as I know where it’s coming from and that it’s not just random.

One symptom I get with my anxiety is troubled sleep, which means I’m tired and it really gets me down sometimes. My new method for dealing with anxiety is to engage more with the world rather than try to disengage. So I’m trying to be out and about and socialising, but its hard when you are so tired!

I also get like weird dreams and sometimes I get like weird images flash up when I close my eyes. This is something that very much troubles me, so much that I don’t like writing about it. But I am writing about it, so that I can put it down somewhere. My main anxiety is worsening mental health – which means these kinds of symptoms are particularly difficult to manage. But I try to remember that it only happens when I experience serious anxiety, so it is just a symptom of my anxiety and it does pass. I’m going to talk about it with my therapist so that I don’t have to feel like it’s all boxed up inside.

I am going to be gentle with myself today and reassure myself that it will pass and I can cope with it. I know that this is just anxiety, and I can make peace with it. Its slow progress and sometimes I take a step back, but I am in a very different position than I was last year. I know I am getting better at challenging anxious thoughts and bringing in my supportive side to try be rational about it.


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