Being single on Valentines can be really hard for some people. Our society always forces the idea that being in a relationship is something we should all be aiming to get, that our lives must revolve around finding some to share our lives with.

I feel this pressure a lot sometimes, as a perpetually single person it really starts to irritate me. It’s a really harmful pressure to put on people. It makes us feel bad about ourselves, questioning why we’re single and often coming to the conclusion that it’s because we aren’t good enough.

If you are single it is not because you are not good enough. Everyone has amazing skills or talents or quirks that makes them entirely lovable and worthy. You are enough on your own! Loving yourself is a great skill to develop and just doing little things to make yourself feel good is a start.

Having a relationship is nice. You get the benefit of having a good friend, someone who cares about you and someone who you can hug! It’s okay to miss this because you are single and to want these things back in your life. But try not to beat yourself up because of it. It’s more important to be your own best friend, to care about yourself and give yourself a hug (or maybe just a nice bath)!

I’m not going to say “its okay you’ll find someone soon” because that might not happen and it doesn’t really help the issue. I will tell you that you are a fantastic, brilliant and lovely human. You do not need another person to make you whole.


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