One of things I struggle with, is a strong desire to keep anxiety going. I will feel anxiety, it will pass and then the worried part of my brain will try to keep the feeling going.

Trying to stop this cycle is really hard. What I find helpful is to remind myself that this is what is happening. I try to not stoke the fire of anxiety by letting the thoughts pass, acknowledging them but not getting caught up again. I remind myself that my worried side thrives on anxiety, but its my rational and supportive sides job to say that anxiety is allowed to be felt but it mustn’t be forced.

Its a difficult balance to make. To feel anxiety and accept it, but not forcing it to happen. It’s something which I know will take time and patience. I try to recognise when I’m forcing anxious thoughts or trying to connect with the feeling again, and remind myself that I dont need to reach out for anxiety all the time. For me anxiety is a familiar feeling and its almost a comfortable place. I’m trying to teach myself that I don’t need to reach out for anxiety and can just settle in what is.

I have permission to just be and to let go of anxiety without having to constantly relive it.


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