Emotions are funny things. They are just random chemicals in our brain that make us feel happy or sad or anxious or excited. Being a human means having to deal with emotions pretty much all the time – life would be a lot easier if our brains weren’t so complex!

I sometimes struggle with emotions. I either try really hard to resist them, to spare myself the feeling or I try really hard to feel them, almost as if I want to check if its there. Both these aren’t very productive.

So I’m trying to just be with emotion. I cried like 15 minutes ago, not for any particular reason, just because I’m a bit tired and feel like I needed to. My brain was automatically like “What’s wrong How can I stop this Why is this happening” and then tries to analyse every single possibility. But actually its okay to just have a cry and just be with it. It’s okay to cry sometimes! I don’t have to work it out, I can just allow myself space to feel it and then let it pass.

I struggle with emotions but I think we all do to some extent. Some emotions are crappy and it’d be better if they didn’t exist. But they do, and that is okay, we all have the capacity to cope with them.

I’ll probably cry again today, its just one of those days! (I think it might be the result of taking the pill – which is a whole other chapter about the complexities of female birth control)


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