Happiness shouldn’t be a goal. We shouldn’t spend our time waiting around for the “good times” or for everything to fall into place.

Otherwise we cannot enjoy the things we have. We panic because the place we are at is not the place we consider to be the happy perfect place. We fear that we will die before we finally get the point where we are content with everything. We worry that our lives are being wasted, that we are not living to the full.

Its important to savour the little things. To appreciate the right here and right now. Just one thing might make you smile or feel balanced. It’s not about being 100% all the time, constantly making memories and amazing moments. Its about just being with the day, being with the current time and place.

Try to embrace all feelings, good or bad, and know that they pass, and the day is not ruined because of it. The present is the only place I need to be right now.


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