Mental health services are failing people. Because the same attention that is given to physical illness is not given to mental illness. I feel so strongly for those who cannot afford to access private therapy, because for me it’s been a lifesaver.

I had a telephone interview with an Improving Access to Psychological Therapies worker – something my GP has encouraged me to do as a way to get some extra help. Which is fabulous, I am always looking for different things that can help me. But if I had to rely on that alone then I don’t know what I’d do.

I had a choice of two services and I picked a group session one just because I’d like to get to know others with anxiety. And I wasn’t allowed to also have the other service, an online course. Which I thought, okay fine, I’m sure the group session will be helpful. However none of the locations are convenient to me, and if they are then they clash with lectures. I can’t call the IAPT person back to tell them this, and to ask to be able to use the other online service.

Imagine if I was depending on that service to make me feel better. It made me upset, someone who has the privilege of a private counsellor and a supportive family, so I actually had to take a moment to sit back and manage my emotions. I was so frustrated with myself for choosing the wrong service and not asking how to contact her if something wasn’t right.

I really wish services for mental health would improve. It would lead to a better quality of life for so many people and then would make mental illness a more comfortable process as well!



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