I am very proud to be a woman today. I’ve been watching videos from the marches around the world and I’ve been bought to tears at the sight of so many standing together against hate.

It is ridiculous that in 2017 we should still have to be fighting for female rights! We are in the modern era where we understand that biological women are not lesser than men, that we are capable, successful and strong, that what society says a woman should be is something to fight against.

Women deserve access to free reproductive health care. Regardless of your personal position on contraception or abortion, its something we should all fight to defend. Whatever choice someone makes for their own body is their choice and their choice only. Stand beside them and give them a place to speak their voice, don’t shout over with your own opinion.

Women deserve education. All girls should have a chance to attend a school and gain some form of education. Because learning and knowledge is a powerful tool, it can teach us how to make the world grow and progress.

Women deserve to not be sexually assualted and then blamed for it. The only person to blame for rape is the person who rapes. Men who committ sexual assault should not be given legal sympathy because of their potential for greatness, it does not matter, they committed a crime. Women are not the property of men to manipulate and treat as they like.

Women deserve to feel safe. Women deserve to be in charge of their own bodies and their own lifestyles choices.

And none of this means men do not matter. It doesn’t mean we ignore male suicide or violence committed against men. Because these issues which affect men are often the product of the patriarchy, toxic masculinity and a stiff gender binary which teaches men to not be like women.

I want the world to be a be a place where we hold each others hand and support each other, not spread hate and cause pain.


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