Sometimes I get a sudden feeling of being totally overwhelmed. I realise I am living life and I have so much time ahead of me and that scares me. I’m scared I won’t get to where I want to be. I’m scared I’ll be happy only for it all to come crashing down. I’m scared because I can’t predict the future.

So I have to make myself take a step back from that.

  1. The only thing you should focus on is right now and the immediate future. Anything more is not something to concern yourself with.
  2. Uncertainty is something we must all make space for. Let it sit down and make home in your mind. Because life is always uncertain, but choose to believe it will be all right in the end.
  3. Embrace every moment you feel happy or content or excited or hopeful. Be with that feeling now. Appreciate the things right now.
  4. Everyone is scared for the future. No one knows what they are doing. And that’s okay!
  5. I am strong and I will face what comes when it comes. Until then, I will let my fears settle and not give them too much attention. Instead I will acknowledge them and then let them go, so I can focus on the right now.

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