Dear Holly,

So the worry has started. Don’t label or judge the worry, it doesn’t matter if its stupid or silly because its still worry and its happening and it needs to be dealt with.

Take a breath. Just breathe in and out, focus on that feelings.

Step back from it. Tell yourself “I am experiencing Anxiety. I know that it will pass. I know that I can cope with it”

And when you start panicking, that you cannot do it, that you aren’t strong enough, then that is a lie. Thoughts are not always true (how many times have you daydreamed about marrying Jon Snow?) and this is what’s happening. Say back to your critical side – “I am strong enough. I can get through it. I will fight every battle”

Analyse the worry.

Is it happening right now? Nope so you don’t need to worry about it right now. Is it something in the future? Yes so you can work on the worry in a space outside your head, write it down or talk it through with someone. Is it the past? Well its happened, so let it be.

Accept the worry and the feelings of fear.  and then Let it all go.

Remember that you can do it. Once the storm is over then you have permission to move on. Refocus your attention on drinking that cup of tea or walking down the stairs or talking to a friend.

I know I can do it and I will always have strength in me to do it.

Love xxxxx


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